Sherpa Mountain Adventures (SMA) is the best way to truly experience the adventure, culture and history of the Mount Everest region of Nepal. SMA was started by two brothers, Karma and Ngima Sherpa. They both grew up as Sherpas in the Mount Everest region in Nepal called Teksindu. Both men have guided treks and expeditions for many years (a combined total of 4 decades of experience) through numerous reputable companies as field guides. Both have a solid understanding and experience in the guiding and trekking industries.

Sherpa Mountain Adventures takes you on more than just a vacation. SMA gives you the opportunity to experience the vitality of the mountains, understand the local mountain culture and meet local people. This leads you to true exposure of Nepalese living. All staff members are experienced, attentive, reliable and friendly Sherpas who speak English fluently and provide a link between eastern and western cultures. The team members are local to the region. Many guides have family members in the areas you will visit with Sherpa Mountain Adventures. All team members are expert guides with years of experience in the travel and guiding industries. SMA provides safe and individualized adventure trips, teaches you about places, peoples, history, and cultures of the areas visited, as well as teaches you outdoors skills to give you the trip of a lifetime.

Join us for a truly Nepalese (particularly Sherpa) experience in culture, lifestyle and Mount Everest mountain living. Each trip with Sherpa Mountain Adventures is custom tailored to the needs and wants of the participants. The housing is delightful and the food is wonderfully prepared to be enjoyed by all. Traveling with SMA is more like traveling to a hometown of a good friend rather than traveling with a tour group. You will truly enjoy this experience while learning new trekking and/or mountaineering skills, making new friends and learning about Sherpa life in Nepal. We look forward to seeing you soon!

- Karma Sherpa, Founder & Owner

What Makes A Difference

Sherpa Mountain Adventures specializes in leading treks into areas where you are less likely to encounter large groups of tourists. You will be able to meet local villagers and observe their customs and traditional way of life. SMA is a dedicated adventure company focused on protecting and preserving the natural ambience, environment and heritage of the area. We operate all of our treks with the utmost respect for the environment while ensuring all of our travelers have a safe and enjoyable trip.

SMA contributes generously within our means to non-profits in the host country that are doing valuable work protecting the natural environment and strengthening the social fabric, health and education of the local communities. Most of our guides and all of our staff are recruited locally, enabling you, the traveler, to connect on a more intimate level with the host communities and to understand the intricate relationships between them and their very own natural environment. We encourage you to learn about and support the important work of these organizations.

Why Venture with SMA

When you travel to foreign lands to climb snowy peaks or hike to unknown places, you want the best guides at your side. With decades of experience in the field, SMA guides offer inspiration, exceptional leadership and considerable knowledge.

SMA guides are highly trained skilled professionals with an enthusiasm for climbing and the outdoors. Each staff member has a passion for the mountains which is why they connect so well with their clients and create memorable experiences for everyone. Many of our guides also have academic backgrounds in fields such as environmental and outdoor education, social work and teaching that can enhance your adventure experience. All our staff goes beyond expectations to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Referral Benefits

Once you've traveled with SMA, you'll understand what makes our trips so special. As a member of Sherpa Mountain Adventures Rewards Program, you have the opportunity to earn $150 cash back every time you refer a friend who has never travelled with SMA. To earn your referral reward, simply tell your friends to mention your name when they book their first trip.