"I first met Karma Sherpa in 1998. From the moment we met, trekking together in the Himalayas, Karma gained my trust. In the Spring of 2012, I joined an Expedition to Mt. Everest Base Camp arranged by Karma and Sherpa Mountain Adventures.

The experience was extraordinary - from the majestic mountains to the unique culture. Karma and the entire team of Sherpas lead us in a way that we were both comfortable and challenged.

I encourage others to trust Karma to provide a truly once in a lifetime experience in the Himalayas"

- Lee Nadler New York

"My adventure with Sherpa Mountain Adventures and Karma Sherpa to his home in the Chhulemu village was extraordinary. His family and friends were gracious hosts who welcomed me with broad smiles and open hearts. They were generous in every way: time, caring, food and drink, and endless patience with my relentless questions. To be let into their culture - to live with them and experience an entirely different way of existence - was and unforgettable and irreplaceable experience. It was like being able to go back in time to a more basic way of life that, along with its hardships, has a richness, connection and gratitude that I envy. I don't know a better way to really experience and appreciate such a giving, gracious, and welcoming culture.

The location was stunningly beautiful and peaceful. Magnificent mountains emerging and occasionally disappearing behind clouds to reemerge like a curtain call to invite admiration. The peace of being away from all motor vehicles can only truly be appreciated when experienced.

Karma was an incredible host. I was impressed with his ability to coordinate and manage before we ever left the states and my appreciation for his talent as a guide and host only grew. He was constantly focused on his client's health, safety and enjoyment

I anxiously look forward to returning."

- Linda Sollars, New Jersey

"I have recently returned from leading a 20 day journey to Nepal and Tibet, which included a 5 day trek circumambulating Mt. Kailash.The trip was a great success, in large part due the outstanding service of Sherpa Mountain Adventures.

They demonstrated utmost professionalism and care at every level. The sherpas that joined us on the trip were exceptional in their work and character. Karma Sherpa, and his family in Nepal, offered tremendous support and guidance at every step of the way.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sherpa Mountain Adventures to anyone looking to travel in Nepal and Tibet".

- Nataraja Kallio, Professor, Naropa University

"Let me first start by saying what a world class adventure we had with you and your brother while trekking in Nepal. Our 3-week trek far exceeded all expectations that our group had prior to arriving in Kathmandu. The accommodations in Kathmandu were great and the sightseeing around the city was fabulous. Obviously, the trek into the Kuhmbu region was breath taking and the full service camping and food with you and all of your porters was awesome!

We hope that someday in the future we can return again to trek with you and your brother. We will certainly tell our friends about your guide service"

- Ed Auman & Robin Etu, Lafayette,CO

Autumn 2009, we had an unforgettable and wonderful experience trekking in Nepal with Sherpa Mountain Adventures!From the time we were greeted at the Kathmandu airport to our final farewell, we were treated as honored guests and friends. We were consistently offered the highest quality service! Our private chef provided healthy gourmet meals, our porters were always smiling and helpful, and our Sherpa guides were knowledgeable, intuitive and safety conscious.

We experienced the Sherpa culture first hand; we were welcomed into homes, schoolrooms and monasteries. The beautiful landscape of the Himalaya is quite extraordinary, and the Nepali people we met were friendly and kind. However, it was the excellence of Sherpa Mountain Travel that made our travel experience so amazingly rich and meaningful.

We will return to Nepal, and we will once again choose Sherpa Mountain Travel as our guides! Meanwhile, we will stay in contact with our new Sherpa friends"

- Brooke and Harvey Paparo, Snowmass, Colorado USA

"Dorjee is a Sherpa professional guide. In his work he is very serious, conscientious and perfect. He is a real professional guide with whom we can build confidence for his organization and for security, safety as well. It is not by chance that he made a success and achivement in his career : he is an intelligent,brave boy with a lot of humility

- Mick and Michel

"Of the seven treks I have taken in the Himalaya,the very best was with Sherpa Dorjee Lama to Manaslu. This is one of the most isolated, beautiful regions on Earth. I am in my sixties, and he kept a careful eye on everything I did, and graciously anticipated any needs (e.g. I am afraid of heights!) He has summited Everest three times, as well as leading treks outside his homeland. His government has sent him overseas on several occasions for specialized training. If he had been raised in the USA he would have been an Olympic athlete. He is extremely intelligent and trustworthy, plans well, is easy-going, and speaks several languages."

- Sandy, USA