The Adventure Begins

October 21st, 2017

80A8C426-05B1-4F95-BF26-A44D439DF347 D9038F22-6800-4B7A-8348-24FAAF45801AEveryone has arrived in Katmandu and our GKT Team met up for the first time at Hotel Utse. All are excited to begin the trek which starts tomorrow. In the morning, we will fly from Katmandu to Lukla, a short but dramatic flight through the mountains bringing us to a starting elevation of 9,186 ft. Here we meet with the rest of our Sherpa Guides. After a special Ceremony to bring us good luck on the journey we will begin the trek with our sights on reaching the village of Monjo where we will stay for the night. We hope you’ll follow along on our adventures to Everest Base Camp. Namaste from Beautiful Nepal!